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 PGR = Pathetic

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PostSubject: PGR = Pathetic   PGR = Pathetic Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2008 3:24 pm

Not only does PRG think hes a reporter but using his own words is the pathetic cretin who spent a weekend posting here. All posts refering to pathetic and substiquent names are from the same IP as we should think will all the rest. But let the child play his days are numbered and then he'll again be left out in the sun to play with himself.

We suppose playing with himself will be less productive as his brain patterns are none existant.
He should have a public health warning tatooed on his forehead so everyone knows Zorro is just a tosser in need of a lobotomy.

Subject : Banamex Poster : Anonymous IP address for this post : [ ] Posted : Mon 2 Jun 2008 - 6:13

Subject: Pathetic : Anonymous IP address for this post : [ ] Posted :
Sun 1 June 2008 - 1643
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PGR = Pathetic
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