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 The VSC Cartel

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The VSC Cartel Empty
PostSubject: The VSC Cartel   The VSC Cartel Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2008 12:12 am

Someone was very kind and signed George up on Banamex and We were signed up on Viva San Carlos. What transpired was a two way communications between George and ourselves, of which the following information was gained without prompting. Fact is it could easily be said George was bragging who he had on his team? So for all to see here is the Viva San Carlos Cartel.


Jose Martinez
Richard Baca
Mexican Mel

They are welcome to there cartel and we mean cartel, because there are posts that can be produced accusing both Richard Baca and Jose Martinez of shenanigans and unprofessional real estate transactions to the point it would be classed as fraud and theft in a court of law.
It is also true to say that when VSC was having problems with bravenet there were many real estate posts made and deleted. Simply because alecs was told or paid to remove them. Due to it mentioned crooked real estate agents Baca And Martinez who were at he top of the list and related to Catalina who has also been accused of wrong doing.

And that is why the Cartels were never published because, there would have been a riot.

Now you have the same crooks running a forum for monetary gain, coupled with Zorro the Pathetic Poster and the local gossip Mel. What a con trick this is going to be. And who will all the fingers point at when thing go wrong? Who will be accused of wrong doings? Who is going to be the one charged with fraud, none payment of Taxes and corruption?

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The VSC Cartel
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