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 Catalina Ordaz - drug money operations detailed

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PostSubject: Catalina Ordaz - drug money operations detailed   Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:59 am

These are selected excerpts, roughly translated, generalizing the Ordaz drug money operations:

Many people know that the fortunes of the Ordaz family, substantial indeed, are of extremely suspicious origin. Catalina, the Empress of San Carlos, would be a story of business success, if it were not for one small detail: Catalina is the front person for laundering drug money through real estate transactions.

Catalina Ordaz bought the condominiums, ¨Conquistadores¨ and the Hotel Fiesta, acting as agent for the Sinaloa drug cartel´s leader - Luis Echeverria. This was documented by ¨Operation Condor¨ over six years.

As Catalina continued to weave a money laundering network, she enlisted American investors into the Villas Serena scheme.

This all began in the 70´s with the incarceration and susequent liberty of a Mafia leader, who settled in the Caracol Sector of San Carlos, with the help of Catalina

She then went on to sell many Caracol mansions to high level narco-trafficers. Then she illegally resold the same mansions to Americans and Canadians. Naturally, this disappointed the Sinaloa narco-trafficers and led to some very stresseful situations for all concerned, as the drug dealers returned to their Caracol residences.

Catalina chose this opportunity to take a vacation and let things settle down. However, she could not resist the scent of fresh blood, and later returned with her brother Jose Ordaz Aguiar, who was inserted into the Guaymas City Council; adding the element of political power to her arsenal. Jose and his associate, Victor Parra Maldonado continued to grind the gears, of the Guaymas municipal machine, in favor of Catalina´s savage campaign.

The recently deceased Police Chief of San Carlos, was one of Catalina´s puppets. That is why the Sinaloa cartel murdered him days ago, as is the current cartel fashion.
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Catalina Ordaz - drug money operations detailed
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